Car Scratch Removal Kit

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Now you can fix car scratches by yourselves in seconds!

Our Miracle Car Scratch Removal Kit allows you to fix car scratches easily and within seconds. Just run the removal cream and run it on the scratches, and they disappear!

Nano coating fills and covers scratches instantly and harden by the sunlight.  Dries clear and suitable for any paint colors! Safely removes scratches and stains with a flawless finish.

Keep this in your toolbox and make your precious car look brand new again!



  • Nano Coating Material - Covers up scratches instantly and provide additional protection to the car

Ultimate Car Scratch Removal Kit

  • Anti-Ultraviolet Radiation - Super strong UV resistant coating layer, effective against UV and prevents aging
  • Suitable for ALL types of vehicles - Suitable for car, trucks, and SUVs. Also for any paint colors
  • High Versatility - Suitable for car paint removal scratches, all kinds of stubborn attachments such as tar, glue, and paint defects
  • Easy to Use - Apply cream to scratches, rub to get scratch treatment, simple and convenient


Package Included

  • 1X Car Scratch Removal Kit (Removal Cream & Sponge)