SaniCure Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Wall Mounted, 1000ml, for Bathroom and Kitchen

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  • Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Wall Mounted: Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Wall Mounted with Sensor, Put your hand under the sensor 8-12cm, and let the dispenser to start working continuously until liquid soap comes out from the nozzle, Fast hand disinfection and prevent cross-infection(NOTE: When you use dispenser at the first time, there was some air in the pump, you need work dispenser several times until liquid soap or foam drop-down)
  • White Automatic Soap Dispenser with Transparent Water Tank Design: 700ml capacity container-practical transparent Design, Open Soap Dispenser cover and refilling soap or foam to the container, You can see the remaining volume in real-time. which is powered by 4 AA batteries, sanitizer dispenser have low voltage indicator, when you find LED light twinkle continually while dispenser on standby mode, battery replacement is necessary. (NOTE: This product doesn't contain batteries and disinfectant)
  • Safe&Environment Simple Human Touchless Foam Soap Dispenser: Simple Human Soap Dispenser Automatic Using High-Performance Motor and Infra-Red Detection, Durable ABS+PC Material, with good impact resistance and corrosion resistance, Suitable for Hospital, Kitchen, Bathroom, Barber Shop, and Toilet of Restaurant, Hotel, Office, Public Area, etc.
  • Leak-Proof Design of Refillable Sensor Pump Hand gel Dispensador: Hand gel Pump Dispensador with Spray Head Using Leak-Proof Design, Prevent liquid dripping and maintain hygiene, Low consumption, safety, convenience, Cleanness. The soap dispenser is suitable for soap liquid, Foam dispenser is suitable for foam liquid, It can't be mixed, Can Meet The Needs of Kids/Adult and Any Other Family Members.
  • Ergonomic design & Perfect Service: Split and combined design, easy to install and disassemble, Use the mounting plate or Sticker as a template to mark the position, Slide the dispenser in the mounting plate, Do not install the dispenser with less than 2-inch height beneath the table. If you have any questions during use, please contact us in good time. We offer reliable customer service. (NOTE: Do not install the dispenser above the mirror surface or above flowing water)